The importance of proofreading

You may be wondering why it is so important to engage an editor or proofreader before your work is considered ‘complete’. Why pay someone to look at your work when you could do it yourself, or someone could read through it for you at no cost?

The specialist skills that an editor and proofreader possess are vital to the overall process. We are trained to look very carefully at not only grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary, but also sentence structure, repetition, consistency, style and layout.

Proofreading symbols are used in the margins to signify changes to the typesetter. Word Flare can proofread your work on hard copy (manually, with red pen), or electronically (using ‘track changes’ in Word). Proofreading is the final process of checking a document, after the editing process has occurred. There should be no need for any re-writes or large text changes at this stage. Those types of changes are made during the copy edit or structural edit stage.

Please be assured that any work you send to Word Flare — even just a sample — is treated as confidential, and the author’s style is respected and maintained.