“I had Karen proof read a final draft of my PhD thesis just prior to submission. While I was confident that things were ‘pretty good’, I wanted to be doubly sure before submitting it for examination. It turned out to be a great decision! Not only did Karen find typographic and grammatical errors that were missed by both myself and my supervisors, she also discovered issues of consistency of expression and identified areas for grammatical improvement. Identifying and fixing these issues added an extra layer of polish to my thesis… so much so that no changes were required. Karen’s work was a big contributor to the successful completion of my PhD!”

– Dr. Matt Butler, Monash University.


“Karen worked tirelessly on all of our posts, instructions, game rules and game material. She took great care with the structural editing, as it is imperative to game rules that they be absolutely clear. With the successful launch of the board game in late January, we must acknowledge that without Karen’s assistance, this never would have been even half the game it turned out to be. With some very clever editing, the game rules went from about 5000 words to only 1600; a hugely important factor in the success of any game.

There were also many posts that we had read over several times (as any good blogger should), yet Karen still found things that we had missed, or were not even aware of. Thanks to Karen’s corrections, we have learned some common errors and our work markedly improved.”

– The Team at Sovereign, An open source board game project.


I used Word Flare’s services to proofread my curriculum vitae and portfolio. As English is my second language, I needed to make sure all content was written with perfect grammar, while maintaining the jargon of my industry and local Australian technical terms. This was perfectly achieved by Karen in an impressive short time. I will definitely recommend Word Flare to my clients!

– Albania Villasenor, Graphic Designer.


“Karen did an exceptional job of polishing an academic text I was preparing for submission to a publisher. Her editing tidied up loose ends, clarified expression and brought a much needed ‘polish’ to the final product. A much appreciated and valued service. Would recommend Word Flare to any writer.”

– Tom Ryan, Teacher, Woodleigh School.