After all that hard work you have put into creating your written work, whether it be a report, thesis, newsletter or document, you can turn to Word Flare for that final check and polish. It can be hard to edit and proofread your own work when you have read it so many times – a fresh set of eyes is the answer.

Karen Hopmans of Word Flare is a professional freelance editor and proofreader, with a nationally accredited Certificate in Professional Editing and Proofreading, as well as a Bachelor of Arts, including the study of English Literature. Past work includes proofreading website content for clients of Liquid Salt Multimedia, proofreading the Literature Review for a PhD thesis, and copy editing (structural editing) and proofreading website content for Sovereign (an open source board game).

So, before you submit, print, publish, distribute or make your work ‘go live’ on the web, let Word Flare help you send the right message, and make it the best work it can be.

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